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Lavender Ten Species High-Quality Essential Oil 5ml Our Artisan Co-Distillation of 10 varieties of Lavender



Lavender Ten High-Quality Essential Oil

Artisan Steam Co-Distillation


North Carolina, USA

Handcut, Harvested, and Distilled by Aytz Chayim Aromatherapy in a glass still

This is a Co-distillation of ten (10) beautiful varieties grown in North Carolina, USA. These Lavender varieties are Buena Vista, Folgate, Grosso, Melissa White, Melissa Purple, Provence, Royal Velvet, Blue Seal, Super Purple, and Violet Intrigue. From a beautiful organic farm located in the beautiful majestic woodland rural area of Leland and Spring Hill NC. Absolutely beautiful area perfect for growing these lovely varieties of Lavender which are sustainable and organically farmed where no chemicals are used.

Lavender is mentioned more than a hundred times in the Bible. Lavender is a symbol of purity, devotion, and love in the Bible. Lavender is named after the Latin word lavare, which means “to wash ”  and in the Hebrew it is called “Nard” which means “Perfumed.” 

The Rambam states after wandering in the desert did the Ancient Israelites discover its beautiful fresh fragrance and its true properties when they dried their clothes on wild Lavender bushes. Lavender is associated with purity, devotion, and love in the Bible, and Hebrews specifically mentions it more than a hundred times. The flower is a type of offering found in the Ketoret incense of the Temple according to some Talmud comentaries in the Jewish tradition known as Lavender Nard.

Ancient  Israelites recognized lavender’s antiseptic and healing properties, and lavender has been revered by people ever since. Persian it is known as nârdîn. It’s mentioned several times by the Rambam Lavender is a fragrant herb that has been used for centuries to scent homes and gardens, as well as to make essential oils and herbal remedies. Songs 4:14; suffix נִרְדִּי תַן רֵיחוֺ Songs 1:12; plural נְרָדִים Songs 4:13.

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