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Kosher Thick Handspun Cotton All White Cords Full Set Made with Lishma Handspun by Rivka Sari טבע כשר עם לישמה



Kosher Thick Handspun Cotton All White Cords Full Set Made with Lishma Handspun by Rivka Sari טבע כשר עם לישמה

One full Sets- Each set has total16 cords
One set will tie four corners.
Made with lishma by Rivka Sari טבע כשר עם לישמה
Cotton Tekhelet Strings 72′ long and twelve cords are 43′ long

These 100% pure Cotton tzitzit set, Completely natural! the Cotton comes from grown and handpicked cotton from NC for the sole purpose of creating these cords for the mitzvah of tying Tzitzits only. I aquired a lovely separate wheel to spin our cotton cords. Each set contains 4 shamash fringes (Cords) and 12 regular white fringes (cords).

This high-quality 8-ply (2.2mm) thick cords are carefully inspected for impurities as it is spun and then finished cords are checked by the Philadelphia Shatnez Lab. We cannot make these thicker otherwise they will be too bulky and will become pasal. When you receive these you will see they are thick but just the right size for a tallit garment and are quite easy to tie.

These easy-to-tie tzitzit strings are a perfect match for your cotton tallit and or can be used as an alternative natural fiber to the standard wool tzitzit on your cotton tallit gadol garment. However, there seem to be some opinions that cotton tzitzits should be worn with cotton garments only. Linen should be with linen and wool should be worn with a wool garment. See Mishna Berura in 9:2-6 and please consult with your Rav.

To prevent bal tosif see proper care instructions that are included.
All our sets of tzit tzit are made with the highest kavannah and hiddur mitzvah. Our Certified Shatnez free linen tzitzits are handpicked, hand-carded, hand-plied, handspun, and carefully double inspected by Rivka Sari with the intent to be used to perform the mitzvah of tying tzitzits only. טבע כשר עם לישמה

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