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Ketoret Sod®™ -11 temple incense in a essential oil blend

Shemin Ketoret Blend of eleven PURE ESSENTIAL OILS Measured to specification as described in the Torah/ Bible of Exodus/ Shemot

Biblical Ketoret – Traditional and historical incense for Holy Temple in form of essential oil which was approved by

The Eleven Temple Organic Pure organic essential oils Oils blended together with organic distilled witch Hazel 4 oz blue bottle,  Balsam, Cassia, Cinnamon Leaf and Bark, Cistus, Frankincense, Galbanum, Myrrh, Onycha, Saffron, Clove, and SpikeNard.

Perfect for Havdallah, and a Segulah (Protection) for the home. Jewish Sages and Rabbis have taught that the experience of these Holy fragrances helps to speed up the rebuilding of the Bet HaMikdash (Third HolyTemple).

During the days of the Temple, the exact method of Ketoret preparation by the Master Perfumer was a closely guarded secret. Today we are still unraveling the mystery of exactly which ingredients and processes were used to formulate the finely ground mixture. Although there are still varying opinions and speculation about some aspects of the Ketoret, the wise ones among our people have been able to identify the exact botanical sources of the main ingredients.

Purifies the air, many medicinal uses, and anointing living and workspace which are all for the purpose of healing and creating holy space in your home.

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