Ketoret Besamin Shemen Sod®™ Temple Spices Biblical Ketoret -described in Exodus




Eleven Shemin Ketoret

Blend of 11 PURE ESSENTIAL OILS Measured to specification as described in the Torah/ Bible of Exodus/ Shemot

Also Known as Shemen Tov Ketoret

Biblical Ketoret – Traditional and historical incense for Holy Temple in form of essential oil which was approved by Rabbi Menachem Burstein, an authority on Temple-period botany and chemistry who runs the Shlomo College of Temple studies of the Temple Institute Jerusalem.

The Eleven Temple Organic Pure organic essential oils Oils blended together. 5ml. Neat- this is a hot oil blend use with carrier oil

Balsam –Gilead
Cinnamon Bark

Perfect for Havdallah, and a Segulah (Protection) for the home. Jewish Sages and Rabbis have taught that the experience of these Holy fragrances helps to speed up the rebuilding of the Bet HaMikdash (Third HolyTemple).

Purifies the air, many medicinal uses and purify living and work space which are all for the purpose of healing and creating holy space in your home.

Rabbi Avraham Sand says this

“One of the 613 Commandments of the Torah is for the People of Israel to insure that God’s Perfume – the holy Anointing Oil produced by Moses – is used eternally exactly in the way that it was prescribed to him on Mt. Sinai. It contains pure Myrrh, fragrant Cinnamon bark, Cannabis and Cassia, in a carrier oil of Olive or Jojoba. This commandment is becoming all the more important to be conscious of today, as we approach the days of the Third Temple. But how can we ever recover the original Anointing Oil prepared by Moses?

Of the 24 half-log sized clay juglets of Anointing Oil (Shemen haMishchah. 1 log = about 1 liter) that Moses prepared and sealed, the first entire juglet was consumed at the Anointing ceremony for the Priesthood of Aaron haCohen, and the second juglet at the ceremony of his son Eleazar. The third juglet of Anointing Oil was used over the following 1,000 years to Anoint the High Priests of Israel and the Kings of the Davidic dynasty. The remaining 21 juglets were stored away by Jeremiah and his disciples in the Ark of the Covenant. They encoded a Copper Scroll that cryptically reveals the location of the Ark of the Covenant and all of the Temple treasures, to be recovered only at the time of the building and dedication of the Third Temple.”

Please Note: While it is forbidden to reproduce the sacred Temple incense grounded materials ( is not oil) according to the precise instructions received by Moses and handed down by our sages for use outside of the Holy Temple. Our incense essential oils blends are created with care that do not to violate this sacred principle of the grounded materials used in the Temple. The essential oil blend can be enjoyed for personal and healing purposes only.

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