Dreamy Neroli Shemen®™ -Organic Infused/Maceration Essence oils 15ml


AYTZ CHAYIM macerations oils are made from plants growing in our Garden or from Organic Raw Material shipped from around the world.  These oils are created in a ancient method by Maceration technique and has been proven to be a very precise technique.  According to Patricia Davis, in Aromatherapy: An A-Z, maceration of plants pre-dates the process of extracting essential oils. Ancient civilizations such as Israelites simply stood jars of plant material out in the sun to macerate. Infused, or macerated, oils hold similar medicinal properties to those extracted to produce an essential oil; however, some plants can be macerated that do not produce an essential oil too.



Product Description
Dreamy Neroli Shemen®™
Blossoms, Seeds, and Orange Peels
Infused in Israeli FCO.

This Infusion is a 18 Days Ancient Process Technique

You will not believe how strong of a scent this Infused Neroli is. WOW it is Dreamy!
Supplies are Limited.

Utilizing the Ancient power of Nature’s Essence to bring balance your Spirit, to heal the Body, and awaken the Mind. ~Rambam  (Jewish Doctor and  Mishna Sage in Cairo’s Jewish community  1135-1204 BCE)

These oils are created in an ancient method by Maceration and we used and marked the bottles with ancient paleo Hebrew on the outside of the bottle to give you an atmosphere of ancient experience with every bottle you encounter.

Macerations are essential oils but more, as they have all the fat soluble parts of the plant and resins, peels, blossoms etc that are too large to be distilled into Essential oil compounds. The scent is not always as strong as the essential oil but the essential oil properties are still there, a Very powerful compound that heals and works the same. These oils last just as long and at the same time, they bring with them their own carrier oils that have an amazing shelf life.

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