Dead Sea Clay Powder 4 oz For Mud Baths, Masks, Scrubs or Making Facial Soaps



A great addition to soaps!

4 oz Jar Dead Sea Clay (powder)- A greyish green colored clay mined from ancient sea floors. This dead sea clay is rich in iron, aluminum, potassium, and calcium; providing your skin with rich nutrients. Dead sea clay helps remove toxins from the skin, provides gentle exfoliation, and helps remove dead skin cells.

How to use
1. Mixed with herbal tea , water, or milk to prepare mud baths.
2. Mixed with water or herbal tea infusions to make facial masks.
3. Added to melt and pour soap
4. Added to cold process and hot process soap- Recommended to be added during the oil phase (2-3 teaspoons per pound of oils used).
5. Great addition to sugar and salt scrubs
6. Added to bath bombs for natural color                                                                                                                       7. Add to warmed olive oil and water for an amazing facial mud cleanser

Botanical/INCI: Kaolinite (Dead Sea Clay). No synthetics or colorants added. No GMO’s
Origin: Israel/Jordon
Form: Dry Dead Sea Clay
Appearance/Color: Powder / Medium to Dark Greenish Grey
Odor/Note: NA
Shelf Life: 2 + years
Storage: For maximum shelf life keep in cool environment (preferably below 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and store away from light and moisture in a closed container. Do not refrigerate.
Ships to USA only..

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