Cardamom 10ml essential oil (Elettaria Cardamomum)



Cardamom 10ml Essential oil

Elettaria Cardamomum


Fruit / seed from Guatemala and  Israel

Distilled and Bottled in Israel

Cardamom essential oil (Elettaria cardamomum) is actually from the ginger family, and steam distilled from the dried seeds/ fruit after they’ve undergone a long drying process (over 3 months) to get the best levels of chemical constituents possible. Although it can be sourced from many locations around the world, Guatemala and Israel is widely known to have the best growing conditions to produce the most potent oil.  We distilled the seeds and fruits in Israel to get that higher vitality to this essential oil.


Digestive, respiratory issue, Emotionally and spiritually, cardamom essential oil is often used for issues centering around anger or frustration. This could include blame, frustration, judging others, rage, outbursts, etc. It’s said to help you step back from a situation to see it more clearly from a less attached perspective. It might also help you to make changes that require you to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for things you have either created or have the power to change.





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