Bible Aromatherapy Course- Learning the Hidden Torah Secrets of Fragrance Sunday Dec 5th at 2pm to 4pm EST READ LISTING FOR DETAILS



Bible Aromatherapy Course- Learning the Hidden Torah Secrets of Fragrance

Date: Sunday, December 5th

Time: 2 pm-4 pm EST

Will provide course notes PDF download that will also include charts and a list of Bible ingredients and recipes.

Each person will receive a 5ml Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oil Blend with a 1ml Ketoret Blend Sample. I will ship these items after the course. you will be charged $9 at checkout to cover the shipping cost of these gifts. We will also be including some extra surprise gifts as well.

The link to Zoom Classroom will be emailed a week before.

Sponsored by Torah Aromatherapy School ®™

You will be delighted and enlightened with the vast Bible/Torah knowledge you will gain from this course. You will learn about aromatic plants, herbs, and resins and how these were used as essential oils of the Bible/Torah known as “shemen” in Hebrew. In ancient times the use of the ancient shemen process dates back thousands of years were used for incense, culinary, perfumes, emotional/spiritual rituals, and many medicinal purposes in comparison to essential oils of today which are extracted and distilled from these same botanical species.

You will also learn Aromatherapy Safety for using Distilled Essential Oils. You will understand what the oils’ actual functions are and what their properties actually do. You will learn how to properly dilute essential oils in three easy steps and you will learn how essential oils were produced in Ancient times versus today. You will understand what plants were used from a Biblical context and how it relates to modern times. In this course, you will also learn how to create ancient shemen (oil) out of your own garden. You will learn some amazing hidden secrets and easy-to-do quick Bible oil recipes.

We will also have a Chanukkah Raffle as well as we do every year! 

You do not want to miss this one!



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