After Boil (after distillation) Boswellic Acid Powder 2 oz



Boswellic Acid Powder

Made from After Boil (after distillation)  Certified Organic Resin

2 oz

Get access to the benefits of Boswellic Acids, this extract is for you. Our Certified Organic Boswellia carteri powdered extract is derived from our direct-sourced, Certified Organic Boswellia carteri resin. Four types of Boswellia resin have been identified to contain Boswellic Acids (BAs) with Boswellia carteri being one of them. While BAs are a primary component of the resin, distilled frankincense essential oil does not contain any Boswellic acid as these components are non-volatile and too large to come over in the distillation process.

We buy our frankincense resin from sustainable, kosher, Fair Trade Certified Organic resource. And we ship to Israel that is put through our exclusive Holy Charged®™ Process and then distilled in the traditional distillation method to extract essential oil. We waste nothing so the after boil r (after distillation) resin is then crushed and powdered down to be used in creams, lotions, salves, butters and more.

This is a 100% pure, Certified Organic Boswellia carteri resin extract with no added fillers. It is offered as a versatile powder which can be used in a variety of ways. Approximately 20% or more Boswellic Acid  

Cosmetic, salve, balms, lotions, tincture, put in capsule, and create infusion in a carrier oil.

What is Holy Land Charged?

Our frankincense is cultivated in Somalia highest quality in the world, resin is then place in a Israeli made clay Jar for 18 days to absorb the energy of the Holy Land it is then distilled by traditional method in Israel. This process is what we call “Holy Land Charged” essential oil.

Our Frankincense is from Somalia is certified Organic 100% pure Resins. Undiluted and unadulterated!
Ancient resin aroma, relaxing; spiritual healing; ritual, meditation, mature skin and more. Very versatile!


Calzavara-Pinton P., Capezzera R., Facchinetti E., Pedretti A., Zane C. (2010) Topical Boswellic acids for Treatment of Photoaged Skin. Dermatologic Therapy. 23 (s1), S28-S32.

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