Black Currant CO2 Select 2.5 ml Essential Oil


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Black Currant CO2 Select 2.5ml 

You are receiving 2.5 ml poured into 5ml bottle so the bottle is half full.

Species: Ribes nigrum
Part: Flowers/ Fruits
Method: CO2 Extraction
Country: France

Aroma: strong, fruity, green notes with some wine-like nuances.


Black currant CO2 Select is a thin, clear liquid to soft yellow. That smell deep and rick in Aroma. The aroma is like experiencing a fine wine along with a brunch classic baked currant bun.

Benefits: Blood flow, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system,   subsides headaches,  some research suggests it may slow hair loss, gut health as a tummy rub when mixed in a carrier oil, and kidney health.

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