Water has a Memory of the Divine G-d from the beginning of creation

Water is a liquid computer or fluid computer and you are made of approximately 80% of water some of us are less than others but nonetheless you are made of water. We must respect water because it is a memory holder. Water was there in the very beginning when it was created so it has a memory of the Divine G-d and the beautiful Garden of Eden when man was placed there.

How we think and treat our bodies are water records that and it needs to be treated with respect. How we treat our bodies water changes everything within us. If one has negative thoughts and do negative things our water records its environment and one can become sick.

We need to stop trying to change its program. If a person is filled with anger hatred jealousy fear unkindness have an unforgiving heart then waters become polluted and cannot function properly and therefore sickness will come. We need to stop the chemical warfare of filling our bodies with junk food, drugs, using synthetic products that pollute our water.

The life making materials such as water is being treated badly and we were expecting it to be well-behaved within our bodys when consumed. When we treat it bad with our negative thoughts and actions. We can polute it with outside invasions from chemicals and bad food our water records all this.

It’s time to change the bad programming and wipe the hard drive and start fresh again feel our thoughts and actions with joy happiness love peace forgiveness charity gratitude and most of all with Torah. The way you treat water is the way it will behave within you. Water has the memory of our divine Creator, it was there in the beginning and therefore if we make these changes, we can clean up our water. Surround yourself with a clean environment so that you would have prosperity success good health and a life filled with joy. The chemistry of water does not change but the molecular structure can just, by the way, it’s treated and what it records from its environment of thoughts and actions. Without water, we cannot survive.
~Rivka Sari 2008

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