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Israel 2014

The sense of smell is the purest and most elevated. It is through the nose that G-d invested Adam with a soul, as it says, G-d breathed into man’s nostrils a breath of life (Genesis 2:7). Since there is no perceptible physical matter to smell, it is the most spiritual and Divine (G-dly) of the five senses. Burning the fragrant incense was designated as the holiest act of the Jewish year serviced by the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) in the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur. Ketoret the incense not only serves G-d but it in fact protected the Nation of Israel from disease and attacks!

It is said when Enoch smelled the aroma of the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden he was smelling the aroma of Ketoret which was made by the very hands of G-d. This Ketoret is what is burned in the heavens, and it was the very smell of the garden of Eden. Its Aroma was so strong that it went deep to the very bones of his body. It penetrated every cell of his body. (see Enoch Chapter 11)

Was this aroma the same aroma as what was burned (incense) in the Holy Temple? The Rabbonim tell us that it was not exactly the same. It is, in fact, the Ketoret that both Adom and Chava (Eve) experienced and it was so amazing that they could hear the very notes of its aroma DNA molecules, and see the colors of the aroma sharply. There were even colors that we cannot even see today. When the sin occurred all that sound and vision of that aroma ceased and Adam and Chava were banished from the Garden left with a memory of the Aroma that our souls still search for today.

G-d gave the complete formula to one family of Priests (Avtinus Family).When Moshiach arrives this same family will make the complete formula and it will be Moshiach that will serve it in the New Temple of Peace in the New Jerusalem. This will be the same aroma our very soul experienced in the Garden of Eden and only then will the whole world be healed completely and fully and once again we will pluck the fruits of the Tree of Life that bear twelve different kinds of fruits to heal all the nations.

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