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Today most of us are destined to occupy a lowly place in life and some of us never rise in stature. Our position is like that of the humble violet, not of large towering forest trees. And yet such healing, grace, and beauty can come from such a low place. The word for Violet in Hebrew is “tekhelet” which is either a shade of blue or blueish purple. This refers to the color and is considered the color of tassels that are worn to represent and a reminder of the mitzvot or commandments of G-d.

There was a test done in color spectrum research at Tel Aviv University. When a person is doing a Mitzvah such as praying that person’s aura is violet in color on the testing monitor. Subtle energy is produced by our body’s energy anatomy, also referred to as our subtle anatomy or Aura.

The body is surrounded by a vibrational field that is commonly referred to as the aura. The aura is an electromagnetic force field that surrounds all living things in both the animal and plant kingdom and interpenetrates the physical body. The force field shields and protects the body. Perhaps you can sometimes see a light around a person’s head or you may sense somebody’s mood. If so, you may be becoming aware of the human energy field that people call the Aura.

The colors of the aura are a good indicator of personality, health, and spirituality.The aura is multicolored and flows and moves with you, changing color with your moods, feelings, and spiritual condition. What we do and say affects our health and well-being and yes affects the people around us and our environment.

There is a midrash about a Cedar tree and the Violet. In a large garden there grew a fine Cedar tree, with its wide-spreading branches, and at its foot there grew a sweet and modest violet. The Cedar one day looked down in contempt upon the violet and said: “You, poor little thing, will soon be dead and withered; for you have no koach (strength), no size, and are of no good to anyone. But I am large and strong; I shall still live for ages, and then I shall be made into a large ship to sail on the great seas and there I will see more than you, or I will become a resting box for Royalty who has passed away from this world.”

“Yes,” answered the violet, in its humility, “G-d has given you strength and you will outlast me, and He gave me sweetness and Aroma that can be carried in the wind. I offer Him back my fragrance because I am thankful. I hope to die fragrantly, as I have lived fragrantly, but we are both only what G-d made us, and both are where G-d has placed us.”

If I were to chose where I think my attitude is I would hope it is like the sweetness of the lowly Violet. That my life, my fragrant aroma is sweet unto G-d’s nostrils. That my aroma is carried in the wind and is sweet to those around me.Just as the midrash states “Your Mitzvot (good deeds) that came from you, a sweet-smelling fragrance, an acceptable and well-pleasing Aroma. And do not neglect to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices G-d is pleased.”

They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to G-d in the Torah. Is it only a burnt offering that is pleasing to G-d? Obviously not. G-d has made you and I with a purpose and we are to share our gifts just as the humblest of flowers do, the Beautiful Fragrant Violet.”He guides the humble in what is right and He teaches them His ways” Psalms 25:9

Two quick Violet recipes The suggested dosages are really loose. Violet is so gentle and mild that children age 4 and up can take it.

Here is a Quick and Easy DIY Wild Violet Vinegar

Gather wild Violets and gently wash them in a salad strainer and then on a paper towel to dry. Place violets in a sterile mason jar filled to the top but do not pack tight.

Pour organic white vinegar over the violets and place a cotton cloth over the top and then place the metal top to prevent the metal from interacting with the vinegar and let sit in a cool dry place for 7-10 days.

Strain and repeat for the desired color and flavor.

USE: Take some olive oil and add small drops of the violet vinegar mix and add as a dressing for your salad. Add a few drops to water to quiet a cough.

Here is a Quick and Easy DIY Wild Violet Honey

1 cup packed violets

3/4 c water

juice of 1 lemon

2 cups honey

Blend all ingredients in a blender. Pour into an 8-ounce glass jar and keep it in the freezer. Use 1/4 teaspoon for children and 1/2 teaspoon for adults every hour as needed for coughs, constipation, headaches, and grief and according to many Herbalists it can lift one’s mood and bring you out of sadness or give comfort.

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