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Two Must-Have Books for your AromatherapyLibrary. Mystical Aromatherapy and Priestly Nation Written By Master Aromatherapist Avraham Sand


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Two Must-Have Books in your Aromatherapy Library.

Written By Master Aromatherapist Avraham Sand.

Mystical Aromatherapy The Divine Gift of Fragrance 

I’m so very proud to offer this book to you. As a proud student of Rabbi Avraham Sand who is a KoHen, and the world’s leading Israeli Pioneer Master Aroma-therapist for over 35 years he has been an Aromatherapy innovator, pioneering landmark developments in the art, science, and practice of Aromatherapy. I know you will find so much information beyond your imagination and be enlightened. Plus you will see Aromatherapy in a completely new way that is beyond the bottle, beyond the typical aromatherapy books knowing what the oils are used for on the body, and its scientific names. It truly is a book on the Divine Gift of Fragrance. A must-have book for Spiritual applications of Aromatherapy ~Rivka Sari

Priestly Nation Ancient Judaism for a New World

This book was obviously written with so much care and love which truly reveals our deepest of deep neshama (soul) calling and Tikkun (hope) which helps us to understand why we must do to step into the most important role of our lives.
The Priestly role unifies us so we can bring real change, peace, and healing to all the Nations in a New World. This is what Geula is really all about. In the times in which we live this is a must-have book. I personally read this book in one day because I simply could not put it down! -Rivka Sari

The set comes with a 2.5 Sample of Ketoret High-Quality Essential Oil Blend and a 2.5ml Twelve Tribes High-Quality Essential Oil Blend. These Blends are 2.5ml size each and both has been poured into 5ml Bottles so the bottles are half full.

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