A book on the Mystery of the Long-Lost Biblical Blue Thread that came from “The Heavenly Blue”. 

The kabbalists write that our current lack of tekhelet is consistent with our diminished spiritual state. As such, most continue to wear only white fringes, awaiting the coming of Moshiach, when Elijah himself will guide us in uncovering the identity of the chilazon.

This was the position of Rabbi Sholom DovBer, the fifth Rebbe of Lubavitch, who maintained that the chilazon will not reemerge until the coming of the Messiah. But could it be that the spirit of Elijah is here teaching us already? Guiding us to identify the true blue and making way for Moshiach? Is it a clear signal that Moshiach is at the threshold now.

Come on a journey and learn the history and culture of the Long-Lost Biblical Blue Thread. Learn how it relates to the Ten Commandments and how it brings a pleasing aroma to God when we wear it. How this helps us to keep our hands and eyes upon God’s Holy throne.



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