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Teva MiZion Oils ©™ Size 4 oz/120 ml- Specialty Carrier Oils made from Nature of Zion the Holy Land (Making Specialty Carriers Oils Since 1996)



Teva MiZion Oils ©™

(Making Specialty Carriers Oils Since 1996)

Selected handcrafted Carrier oils from Teva MiZion Oils©™ 4 0z Size Blue Cobalt Bottle.

Theses Carrier oils are Infused Fractionated Coconut Oil with Nature that grows organically wild in the Holy Land. We infused this 7-10 to capture the medicinal Essence of the plant into Israeli FCO.

We also infuse for 10-12 days Frankincense Resin into FCO just to get that sweet resin properties. This Essential oil is made from resin is imported to Israel and placed in clay pots cover and sits to absorb the energy and frequency of the Holy Land for 18 (chai) days then we pic the smallest pieces and infuse them  for 10-12 days. The rest of the Resins we Steam Distilled by traditional method. See our Pure distilled Frankincense Esssential oils and hydrosols waters.

Teva MiZion Oil ©™ oils can be used with your favorite uncut pure Essential oils or Blends. Instead of using a plain carrier oil why not a infused carrier oil? You can even use them alone!

Choices are :

Jerusalem Mint

Chamomile Wild


Melissa (Lemon Balm)

Frankincense Caterri


Helichrysum (grown wild from seed)

Rose Wild Mix



Let us know if you want a particular carrier oil and plant, resin or flower you like to be made. Chances are we can.


EXAMPLE 1 -how to use Teva MiZion Oils©™

Use 4oz Jerusalem Mint Teva Zion carrier oil then add

3-6 drops of Blue Tansy essential oil

2-4 drop of Camphor essential oil

3-6 drops of Chamomile essential oil

3-6 drops of Lime essential oil

3-6 drops of Lavender essential oil

and 3 drops of sweet  marjoram  essential oil


EXAMPLE 2 -how to use Teva MiZion Oils©™

Use 4 oz Chamomile Flower Teva Zion carrier oil then add

1-3 drop of Peppermint essential oil

2-4 drops of camphor essential oil

3-4 drops of German Chamomile,

2-4 drop Blue Tansy

3-6 drops of Lavender

Both blend you have a great headache,  joint,pain and inflammation reliever. The essential oils are diluted and ready to use anytime you need it. You get that extra therapeutic value


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