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Clematis Sweet Flower Hydrosol 50ml Supply is Limited and Very Rare


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Sweet Clematis Flower Hydrosol
Clematis vitalba
Supply is Limited
Very Rare
Artisan Distilled
Known as Dreamy Essence clematis, Evergreen clematis, Old man’s beard, Traveler’s joy, Traveller’s joy, White virgin’s bower, Wild clematis, Fragrant clemati, Evergreen Traveler’s-Joy, and graybeard

Sweetly scented, Clematis is a very large deciduous climber with a sea of starry creamy-white dream-like blossoms with a Honey sweet lemony-orange scent to greet a person with their beauty and aroma asking us to pause and focus on the moment and take in the beauty of the day and be thankful. We gather these flowers in the cool of the day and distill them in our alembic copper still or our glass still to create our flower essence hydrosol.

Clematis is known as a ‘dreamy’ essence which is recommended to those who have a lack of interest in the flow of their daily life. The flower water is often referred to as Joseph’s dream essence. It was created for those who have a rich and very colorful inner world, for people with a good imagination, creativity, and abilities to visualize their dreams. It is used to help get better sleep. Simply spritz in the air only 20 minutes before bed.

This Hydrosol has amazing natural properties to wake up an individual’s mind for making a better evaluation of the present situation and receiving a better picture of his or her own actions.

Clematis flower hydrosol is a great remedy to develop perfect clarity and a deep understanding of the things and actions the individual does. It can help a person to find the best and the most effective way to materialize ideas, implement plans and achieve goals.

Beneficial for air purification, and just spray the air in the room for better sleep. There are some master herbalists in several old publications that say it is often used for pain and gout. However, Please do your own research.

****Avoid use around pets and small children. Avoid while pregnant and breastfeeding.***

*Use with caution and in small quantities. Do not use it directly on the skin. Discontinue use if you have an allergic reaction occurs. Do use it with caution this one is quite strong.

ALWAYS Consult your physician before use.***

****The statements in this shop have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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