Mediterranean Wild Honeysuckle  RARE

Lonicera Caprifolium



Extraction of Flowers blossoms macerated extracted in Fractionated Coconut oil

Organic wild harvested

Another very rare material among naturals, unlike the already very rare absolute material this extract  produced from wild harvested flowers from the land of Israel,  our extract infusion truly manages to capture the stunning nocturnal fragrance honeysuckle exudes on an early summer’s night. Floral, mildly sweet but remaining always very well balanced, with slight woody undertones, it is overall stronger and more long lasting than average extracted materials. A must have indeed

Honeysuckle, though popular, is one of the priciest of the essential oils, so making it at home can be both fun and economical.  Once you’ve mastered this technique, you can begin applying it to other flowers. You can mix your own honeysuckle-based scents for use in aromatherapy, massage, or candle and soap making. The Essential Oil is not always available on the market. Some uneducated people in Aromatherapy say  the oil does not exists which is absolutely not a true statement. If you can make Jasmine essential oil then Honeysuckle essential oil can be made also. Like Jasmine it does take alot of Honeysuckle blossoms to yield 1 oz of essential oil. Even Robert Tisserand makes comment in his book “Essential oil Safety” that the oil is  “limited in availability” on Page 305, but does not say “the essential oil does not exist”.

An Absolute is sometimes available, but most often very hard to find. Absolutes are beautiful but very expensive.  So  here is a easy and fun way to get Honeysuckle essential oil maceration at home. A highly skilled perfumer can bring more fragrance by having a keen sense of smell, knowing how much to add to the maceration, and knowing when the oil is ready at the perfect moment.

With 12 years of perfumery extraction experience and  I think this Honeysuckle extract may be the very best natural rarity I have ever smelled especially coming from the land of Israel. The opening notes are for me are exactly like burying my nose into the wild honeysuckle flowers that grow in abundance in the Land of Israel.

“There are hyacinth, crocus & narcissus in the mountains as early as December, followed by anemones, tulips, cyclamen, iris and daisies. Honeysuckle creeps over the bushes starting in March, and large plane trees provide shade along the freshwater streams of Galilee.” Israel Environment & Nature: Flora and Fauna by Wendy Elliman



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