This is one of the very best Maceration Infusion blends ever!
15ml Organic Blend

Wild Organic Israeli Grown Spanish Lavender Flowers (lavendula aguatafolia)
Israeli Organic Hemp Seed Oil CO2 Cold Pressed (canabis steva)
Organic Wild Jerusalem Mint (mentha piperita)

This blend was skillfully crafted for 40 days to bring out the whole molecules of each plant and flower to give it’s strong aroma. You will be stunned by how it has such a full bodied aroma and high quality feel. It absorbs quickly and evenly into skin and go right to work on the body’s needs.

Benefit: Pain relief, digestion tummy rub, superb body massage oil for aches and pains, relaxing, cooling, burn relief, wound care, anti bacterial, and mood uplifting.

“Utilizing the Ancient power of Nature’s Essence to bring balance your Spirit, to heal the Body, and awaken the Mind.” ~Rambam  (Jewish Doctor and  Mishna Sage in Cairo’s Jewish community  1135-1204 BCE)

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