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Shemen Bemidbar (Numbers) Essential Oil10ml Redemption Complete Transformation Anointing Oil Bible/Torah Holy



Shemen Bemidbar (Numbers) Essential Oil Blend


Bible/Torah Holy Anointing Oil


Texts of Inspiration: Numbers 13:23, Numbers 24:6, Numbers 17:8, and  Num 19:6, 

Ingredients are Desert Cypress, Cedarwood Atlas, Frankincense Sacra, Balm of Gilead, Aloeswood Sandalwood, Spikenard, Hyssop, Scarlet Tree, Acacia Wood,  Sweet Myrrh,  Creosote Chaparral, and Ceder of Lebanon, blended with Valley of Eshkol (Hebron) Grape Seed Oil, Elah Valley Sweet Almond Oil, Valley of Eshkol (Hebron)  Sweet Fig Seed Oil, Jerusalem Olive Oil.

A proprietary blend of complex deep grounding desert-inspired essential oils and carrier oils.

Numbers 24:6, Psalm 45:8, Proverbs 7:17, Song of Solomon 4:14

The largest desert in Israel, the Negev makes up more than half of ‎Israel’s territory! It covers 16,000 square kilometers (6,200 square ‎miles) in the southern half of the country starting in Beer-Sheva ‎down to Eilat on the Red Sea.‎

Besides its majestic desert scenery, there are fascinating historical ‎remains in Hanegev Israel. ‎ Abraham the Patriarch made his permanent home in Beer Sheva.

The Desert of Israel the Holy Land has the most amazing night sky which becomes a canopy of stars that will capture your heart. You may need to clear your ears as you drive down the Judean Desert Israel, rapidly ‎descending 1,200 meters (nearly 4,000 feet) from the heights of Jerusalem down to the ‎Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth.‎ The ride may be steep, but the desolate beauty of the Judean Desert is breathtaking.

We placed in a bottle the memory of the Israeli desert her beauty when the Children of Israel walked the desert for 40 Years serving G-d and Built His Temple. The same Desrt now blossoms for G-d people today.  

The Book of Numbers gives us the story of how G-d’s people prepared for their journey and entry into the Promise Land/ Holy Land of Israel. Moses begins by taking a census of all the tribes, primarily to see how many men are available and in shape for military service.

Next, Moses dedicates the Levites and instructs the Nazirite vows and laws. During this time, the Israelites celebrated the 2nd Passover in the month of Iyyar one year after their exit from Egypt where they were kept as slaves to Pharoah.

Moses again conducts a census, and Joshua assumes the leadership of Israel in place of Moses who is banned from the Promised Land, due to striking the rock when G-d gave him precise instructions. Israel people were challenged, needed to be transformed to open up be grateful, and stop complaining.

Do you often feel unbalanced, anxious, or exhausted? These may be signs of a spiritual issue that your heart and mind are not fully open and may be blocked. This essential oil blend can be used to achieve balance through the opening of mind and heart, leading to greater emotional and spiritual wellness and gratefulness.

Balancing your way of thinking helps you to stay rooted in love, compassion, faith, and gratitude. To open up this pathway of healing energy, Shemen Bemidbar can take you out of the desert and go into the Promise Land redemption from feeling tired anxious, and riddled with negative thoughts and it can be an effective tool to achieve and evoke powerful feelings whether calming or energizing.

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