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Sefirot Ketoret Blends Full set 11 Essential Oil Blends with Chart and Gemstones

Proprietary Blend. Ingredients will be listed on brochure that comes with kit in detail

He shall take a censer full  of burning coals from the altar, and the fill of his hands of finely ground ketoret; and he shall bring [these] inside the curtain. He shall place the ketoret upon the fire before G‑d; and the cloud of the incense shall envelop the covering of the [Ark of] Testimony . . . Leviticus 16:12–13 The offering of the ketoret was the most prestigious and sacred of the services in the Holy Temple.

The ketoret was a special blend of eleven herbs and balms whose precise ingredients and manner of preparation were commanded by G‑d to Moses. Twice a day, ketoret was burned on the golden altar that stood in the Temple. On Yom Kippur, in addition to the regular ketoret offerings, the kohen gadol would enter the Holy of Holies with a pan of smoldering coals in his right hand, and a ladle filled with ketoret in his left; there, he would scoop the ketoret into his hands, place it over the coals, wait for the chamber to fill with the fragrant smoke of the burning incense, and swiftly back out of the room.

The moment marked the climax of the Yom Kippur service in the Holy Temple. Maimonides describes the function of the ketoret as the vanquishing of the unpleasant odors that might otherwise have pervaded the Holy Temple. “Since many animals were slaughtered in the sacred place each day, their flesh butchered and burned and their intestines cleaned, its smell would doubtless have been like the smell of a slaughterhouse.

Therefore G‑d commanded that the ketoret be burned twice a day, each morning and afternoon, to lend a pleasing fragrance to [the Holy Temple] and to the garments of those who served in it” (Guide for the Perplexed 3:45). It is said that the Ketoret can teach us about creation and the smell of it was like smelling the Garden of Eden. Each one is describe as the secret (sod) ingredients to creation itself. Each one of the ingredients have meaning and when blended with the right oils can also bring great deeps spiritual healing  Learning from each ingredient of the Ketoret we learn that each one corresponds to a tribe, one of the many divine name of G-d, and Color Example below.

Secret Tree of Life Blend According to the Ketoret

1. Balsam (Tzari, the Chief Spice), blend with Sandalwood, Rose Abs., Coriander, Petitgrain, and Tuberose Abs. Transcendence, strengthening of willpower, absolute pleasure, supreme sweetness.

Divine Name: Ehiyeh Asher Ehiyeh.

Divine Attribute: Equilibrium, Emanation.  Breath of G-d. Clear speech or guard tongue.

Tribe:  Kohen Priest chief ruler. Part of body: Above the head and brain chin.

2. Costus/ Cistus (Kosht-Rose of Sharon), Means to be Chosen, blend with Ylang Ylang, Violet Leaf Abs., Lemongrass and Grapefruit. Silence, deep meditation, satisfaction and total calm. Father. Wisdom of King Solomon, through revelation and flashes of inspiration. G-d’s secret Wisdom was revealed.

Divine Name: YHVH.

Divine Attribute: Wisdom. Shlomo HaMelek

Tribe: Issachar. Water from breath.Clear mind and heart.

Part of body: Right ear, right lobe of the brain.

10. Clove (Tziporen),  Means to be unknown a tzadik, blend with Jasmine Abs., Vanilla CO2, and Mandarin. Intimate, deep, mysterious, dream-like

Divine Name: El Chai Shaddai.

Divine Attribute:Yosef HaTzadik (Joseph).  Righteousness Foundation.

Tribe Benyamin

Part of Body: Inner thigh area

11. Galbanum (Chelbana), which Means finest or to refine, blend with Geranium, Linden Blossom Abs. and Hyssop.

Divine Name: Adonai.

Divine Attribute: Kingdom David HaMelek.

Tribe Dan.

Part of body: Between the feet.

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