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Sea Weed Kelp Maceration Essential Oil


Dried Sea Weed Kelp


Fucus vesiculosus is a type of brown seaweed kelp that is harvested from Israeli shores of Mediterranean Sea.  Sea Weed Kelp is distinguishable by its air-filled “bladders”, or thalli, that keep it afloat. The seaweed has a naturally high iodine content and is enjoyed for its nutritious value. However, this oil is for topical application and for making your nautical favorite blends and perfumes. 

Also known as Bladderwrack is also called dyer’s focus, red focus, and rockwrack. It is a member of the Fucaceae family. This is a maceration oil that has been infused in FCO, and Prickly Pear oil for 30 days and the plant material is recharged and sits for another 30 days, We also throw in a few pebbles of dead sea salt to get that nice salty sea aroma This process has been done three (3) times and is quite strong and distinct in aroma and strong.

Fast Absorbing Firming Anti-Aging Non-Greasy Oil Day and Night Massage Kelp Moisturizer for Dry Dull, Sagging Skin, Face, Hair, Foot, Leg, Hands, Nail and Cuticle Care. Help relieve pain from bruises and muscle aches.

Blends well with Juniperberry, Citrus essential oils, Jasmine, Lavender, Cedarwood Atlas, white pine, and Ylang Ylang


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