Our Exclusive “Scent to Heal You” Solid Essential oil Perfume




“Scent to Heal You” Solid Perfumes 15ml glass jar

These solid Perfumes are made from  HIGH QUALITY Natural Organic Raw Botanical Plants and Flowers that grow in Israel. These have been wild crafted into a Enfleurage pomade oil. The flowers and plant materials are laid into organic sustainable Israeli Palm Kernal Oil when the long process is finished then the Enfleurage pomade oil is added to organic ingredients of Bees Wax, and Jojoba oil with low heat infusion that is hand poured in glass jars to create a beautifully natural scented solid perfume.

Israel is very responsible in sustaining a reasonable harvest of Palm oil and never cut whole trees to harvest the kernel of the tree, Unlike worldwide companies, there is much abuse in harvesting Pal kernel.  In Israel, it takes only 50 kg of fruit/seed to produce 1 liter of pure Palm Date Oil.  Israeli farmers strive to produce agricultural products which are sustainable and responsible to the land as G-d intended.   The Palm Date Oil from Israel vs. from other countries that cut down the entire tree is noticeably better quality from Israel.  This is why many essential oil and lipid oil suppliers do not sale palm oil any longer due to non-responsible and non-sustainable production.  However, most of these companies do not know or do know and boycott Israel; thus, providing a sustainable product to their customers. Israel takes this responsibility seriously.


Chose from Rose  Bulgarian (Blue Jar), Pink Lily,  NEW Jasmine (Blue Jar) Mediterranean Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Lavender, and Cistus (Rose of Sharon). MADE IN ISRAEL

Inspired by the verse:
“I am the rose of Sharon, The lily of the valleys.” “Like a lily among the thorns, So is my darling among the maidens.”…Song of Song 21

Perfect Gift For Yourself Or The Special Mom In Your Life – Limited Time Only


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