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Sacred Wood 30ml (bursera graveolens) Palo Santo Sustainably Sourced Handcrafted with Aged Heartwood Sticks and Natural Tree Resins.



Sacred Wood (Palo Santo Sticks) High-Quality Infusion Carrier Oil 30ml
Bursera graveolens, (nicknamed “the resurrection tree”)
From Ecuador
Part: Naturally Aged Heartwood Sticks /We added some of Our Rare Palo Santo Resins                                                                                   
Method: Maceration /Infusion for 120 days to 1 year
Class: Monoterpene
Perfumery Note:  Top/Middle
Odor: Sweet, intense woody, and slightly sweet anise or fennel aroma with fine citrus notes.

Perfect for deep massage, foot bath, add to bath, add to lotions, creams, and balms for skincare, use as a carrier oil for your favorite essential oils and blends, air purifier,  perfect oil for nourishing beard, and to help to breathe clearly. If you cannot afford Essential Oil this is perfect because it is a 1 oz size and ready to use.

The aged naturally heartwood is gathered from the forest floor on Ecuador’s Pacific coast, allowing the production of oil without any harm to any living trees.  It has to be a natural process which must happen to get the true Palo Santo aroma. The resin is scraped from the dead aged heartwood and used for medicines much like Frankincense resin is.

The fact is, the aroma only comes from the naturally aged dead heartwood, not live wood. So people who poach these trees and cut them down are in fact killing the trees and will not get the famous Sacred Aroma we know as Palo Santo.

The process of natural death of limbs falling and aging in itself is a beautiful example of life within death a type of resurrection process. What we perceive as dead is most certainly very much alive. According to the Biblical tradition, death is not the end of life, but the separation of the soul from the body. It is the soul that is the true essence of a person.

When the Palo Santo tree limbs fall to the ground, these pieces of wood are considered dead but do not be deceived. It is the act of dying and the natural aging process that occurs after falling to the ground releases the incredible life-giving deep healing aroma.

This is why the tree is nicknamed “the resurrection tree” Often the aroma is described as the tree’s soul which is said by locals in Ecuador to be a sweet aroma to G-d’s nose that can also be enjoyed by our soul for healing.

Benefits: Highly regarded for spiritual applications and clearing negativity in thoughts and bad energy, Insect repellent, sedative properties for sleeping and relaxing, wound care, and skincare.

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