Rue Essential Oil 5ml  also known as in Hebrew פיגם מצוי – רוּדָ
Name: Rue essential oil  5ml ruta gravenolis -RARE
Origin Israel/Morocco – Distilled from Flowers and stems
Colors Pale yellow, orange, amber
Health benefits and blending Prevent growth of fungus, Acts as an antidote, Eliminates bacteria, Keeps insects away, Lowers pain. Spiritual benefits are dispersed negative, ayin hora, and keeps away evil speech. The Sages said, “A man who is afraid of Ayin Hara should say, ‘I am from the offspring of Yosef, whom the evil eye has no control over…’” (Berachot 55b).  It is good for a person to recite this daily.

Blends well with Benzoin, Bay, Fennel, Chamomile, Myrrh, Frankincense carterri, Frankincense Sacra, Frankincense Rivae, and Frankincense Neglecta. It is used in facial care, massage, relaxing, and perfumes. Can be used on a diffuser necklace by adding just one drop to a clay diffuser,  lava stone bracelet, or carried dried form in a necklace or bracelet lockets.

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