Rosh Chodesh Nissan/Aviv Set


Aviv Essential Oil Blend 15ml,
Lava Stones & Gemstones Seven Sefirot Bracelet
with Handpainted Vintage Style Signed “Shema Yisroel” Tambourine.

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Aviv Essential Oil Blend 15ml,

Lava Stones & Gemstones  Seven Sefirot Bracelet

with Handpainted Vintage Style  Signed “Shema Yisroel” Tambourine


Aviv Essential blend
15ml  Cobalt Blue Bottle

Ingredients: Myrrh, Cinnamon, Calamus, Henna, Saffron, Frankincense, Spikenard, Aloes (Sandalwood), Cedar, Lily, Rose of Sharon (Labdanum), Geranium, and Pomegranate Seed Melange.

Tanach texts (scriptures) related with this beautiful blend can be found in: Song 1:3, Song 1:12-14, Song 3:6, Song 4:10-16, Song 5:13, and Song 7:8

Benefits:Uplifting, circulation, sweeps away fatigue, overcome stress, hormonal balance, blood sugar balancing, calming and grounding

(Picture is flowers in Jerusalem in the month of Aviv)

About Bracelet inspiration:

The Divine Sefirot and their allegorical colors are as follows:

1. Crown / Keter – A blinding invisible light.

The Sefirot of Intellect:

2. Wisdom / Chokhmah – Includes all colors
3. Understanding / Binah – Yellow and Green

The 7 Sefirot of Emotion:

4. Lovingkindness / Hesed – White and Silver
5. Strength/Judgement/Restraint / Gevurah – Red and Gold
6. Beauty/Mercy / Tiferes – Yellow and Violet
7. Eternity/Victory / Netzakh – Light Pink [2]
8. Splendor/Humility / Hod – Dark Pink
9. Foundation/Connection / Yesod – Orange [3]
10. Sovereignty / Malkhus – Blue

Obviously there is not a direct correlation to every one of the “colors of the rainbow.” Furthermore, the rainbow is really a continuous spectrum of the whole range of visible color, and the predominant “7 colors of the rainbow” are a reminder from G-d that there are 7 Commandments for all mankind. They are also a reminder that G-d established the week of 7 days as a basic unit of time

(Genesis ch. 1).

About Tambourine:

Vintage style painting of Israel Red Poppy Daisy Flowers with words from

Deut. 6:4

Shema Yisroel in Hebrew translate to “Hear Israel” Signed by

Jewish Artist Rivka Sari

Then Miriam the prophet, Aaron’s sister, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her, with tambourine drums and dancing. Ex. 15:20

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