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Rose, Frankincense, and Myrrh

The Combination of Rose with Frankincense and Myrrh is a classic which has likely been used in cosmetic and for medicinal use for thousands of years. The fragrance of this oil is soothing, sensuous, revitalizing, and heart opening. This product is made with Fresh Royal Green Hojari Frankincense Resin , Israeli Fractionated coconut oil, Israeli Prickly Pear Oil, Myrrh Resin, and vacuum-packed imported fresh air dried Bulgarian Rose Petals. Nothing else. A little bit goes a long way.

This amazing blend is absorbed quickly but leaves the skin feeling nourished, soft and supple. It is safely applied around the eyes and on mucous membranes. It has a gorgeous fragrance and is a lovely natural perfume favored by many of our customers.

There is a powerful relationship, synergy, and resonance between Frankincense and Myrrh. They are considered perfectly paired polar opposites and their intimate relationship are evident from their desert growth habits to their paired use in traditional medicinal formulas. This is one of the oldest formulas in the world and is recorded in the Torah as part of the Ketoret used in the Holy Temple. These two resins are an ancient couple and each supports the scent and medicinal benefits of the other.

We only acquire our resins from sustainable, fair trade organic wild-harvested resources that are shipped to Israel. The heavy fragrant resins are then placed in an Israeli made clay jar in Israel for 18 days in a dry, cool place to absorb the energy of the Holy Land and it is then added into Carrier oil by traditional method in Israel. This process is what we call “Holy Land Charged” oil.

There has been recently a groundbreaking discovery of compounds called Boswellic acids, found in the resin and not in the essential oil of Frankincense. Boswellic acids are anti-inflammatory and some research has shown to have cancer-killing properties. There are also two other compounds, Incensole and Incensole acetate show promise in addressing anxiety, depression and head trauma. These are only some of the many compounds found in the whole oleoresins of the Frankincense resins. By using the whole resin with its natural essential oil, you can experience greater benefits than using only the essential oil of Frankincense.

Skincare, inflammation, pain and aches, acne, dry skin, eczema, hydrating, calming, open mind and heart, feeling secure, relaxing massage, face serum,

You will absolutely love the smell!

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