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Ketoret Besamin ROLL ON Essential oil BLUE BOTTLE -5ml Ingredients of 11 Shemenim oil Temple Spices Biblical Ketoret – Traditional and historical incense from the bible as described in Exodus



Roller Essential Oil Bottle Ketoret- 5ml

Shemin Ketoret Blend of eleven PURE ESSENTIAL OILS Measured to specification as described in the Torah/ Bible of Exodus/ Shemot

Biblical Ketoret – Traditional and historical incense for Holy Temple in form of essential oil which was approved by

The Eleven Temple Organic Pure organic essential oils Oils blended together with a touch Israeli Olive Oil

Ingredients: Balsam, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark and Leaf, Cistus, Frankincense sacra, Clove, Galbanum, Myrrh, Onycha (Benzoin), Saffron, and SpikeNard with a touch of Israeli Olive Oil.

Perfect for Havdallah, and a Segulah (Protection) for the home. Jewish Sages and Rabbis have taught that the experience of these Holy fragrances helps to speed up the rebuilding of the Bet HaMikdash (Third HolyTemple).

Purifies the air, many medicinal uses, and anointing living and workspace which are all for the purpose of healing, protection, and creating sacred space in your home.

The Ketoret Fragrance is the skeleton key that elevates every person to a much higher Spiritual level where we all ultimately meet. But the experience of the Fragrance is different for each person because each one is coming from a different place to get there.

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