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Rahab©™ Essential Oil Blend 5ml Made in Israel Also Known as Rahab’s Red Cord©™ Original Rahab Watercolor By Jewish Artist Neshama Sari


Original Rahab Watercolor By Jewish Artist Neshama Sari

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Rahab©™ רהב Essential Oil Blend

Also known as Rahab’s Red Cord©™


Made in Israel

Original Rahab Watercolor By Jewish Artist Neshama Sari Copyright 2022

This blend helps pens hearts, gives focus and understanding, release, subside fears and anxiety,  and help one to take a leap of faith. A Red Cord Redemption blend carefully blend to serve the mind, body, and spirit to let go of fear and trust in G-d in complete faith.

Ingredients are Frankincense Carterii, Blood Orange, Scarlet Tree, Scarlet Resin Abs, Spikenard Red, Oud, Jasmine abs, Sweetgrass Hay abs, Gardenia abs, Yemeni Myrrh, Red Mondrian, and Neroli.

We created this blend to capture the story of Rahab. Much like Ruth, her story must be told. It a story of a sincere-hearted woman with deep faith who was willing to risk her life to save the Israelite spies and her family. 

Pinchas and Caleb readily pledged themselves to remember Rahab and her household, and as a token and sign, they asked her to tie a scarlet garment or thread in her window so that it could be clearly seen by the Israelites when they reached the city wall. This scarlet cord or scarf was most likely dyed with the red resin  taken from scarlet tree. See details on these oils.

Rahab was not a perfect woman, but she knew G-d. The Israelite spies granted to Rahab and her family was that she was to tie a solitary red cord and hang it from her window. She asked, “spare my father and my mother and my brothers and my sisters, with all who belong to them, and deliver our lives from death.” – (Joshua 2:13)

This red cord (perhaps symbolizing the red blood over the doorposts of the Israelites while in slavery in Egypt) would serve as the protector of anyone and everyone inside her home. In essence, Rahab and her family experienced a personal Exodus too. Because of her faith and kindness, the Spies knew that they were not to harm anyone in the home with the red cord in the window.

In the early dimness of the morning, Rahab let the men down from a window with a rope the  same red cord that Rahab hung out her window was the same one that the spies used to climb down to escape the city and  she urged them to hide in the mountains for three days before returning to their camp. This scarlet cord was big and strong enough to hold the weight of the spies as they climbed down the wall from Rahab’s window. It would surely look like a stream of blood running down the wall from the window.

When they returned to Joshua, they reported to him joyfully, “Truly, the L‑rd has delivered into our hands all the land, for all the inhabitants tremble before us.”And so, when the Jewish people crossed the River Jordan to enter the land of Canaan, they passed over it as miraculously as had their parents through the waves of the Red Sea. This is how it happened:

On the tenth day of Nissan in the year 2488, the Jordan River was full to overflowing. The priests advanced with the holy ark, and as the soles of their feet touched the waters of the Jordan, the waters at that point halted in their course, piling up into a wall, while the rest flowed down. Thus the riverbed.

Rahab’s prophecy was fulfilled. Our sages tell us she was one of the chassidoth (pious Jewish women), for her changeover to believe in G‑d and His Torah was even more sincere than that of those two other famous people—Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, and Naaman, the brave Syrian general—who were converted to the Jewish faith. For Rahab declared that the G‑d of Israel “is G‑d in heaven above and on the earth beneath”!

This was a remarkable confession of faith in the One and Only G‑d, which even many a Jew sometimes forgot during those days when the belief in idols and many gods was so common.

Our rabbis in the Midrash, in fact, tell us that G‑d was very pleased with Rahab’s faith, and said: “On earth, you could see with your own eyes that there is no other G‑d beside Me. But to declare also that I am the only G‑d also in heaven—this shows real faith. I promise you therefore that one of your descendants shall be one of the greatest prophets, for whom the heavens will be opened, and he will see what no other prophet has seen.”

That was the great prophet Ezekiel, who saw the divine chariot in heaven. Rahab’s reward was more than that. She became Joshua’s wife and was the ancestress of great priests and prophets, among them also the prophet Jeremiah.

Rahab’s name would be given to other great women through the generations of the Israelites. An example would through the line of King David. “Salmon the father of Boaz by Rahab, and Boaz the father of Obed by Ruth, and Obed the father of Jesse.” So there were many Rahabs through the generations.

With the blast from the trumpets and a mighty shout, Joshua delivered the people hiding in Rahab’s house and led them into the promised land. With a shout and a sound of the Shofars Moshiach soon come to do the same thing!

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