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PNW Black Poplar Balm Of Gilead Maceration Essential Oil
From Pacific Northwest Black Poplar Tree
Hebrew Name: צפצפת הפרת,
Latin Botanical Name: Populus balsamfera
Synonym Name: Gileadous populus
Nickname: Balsam of Gilead Tree
FRESH (Not Dried)- Bud, Leaves, and branches
Oregon, USA
Limited Supply!

Maceration blend of buds infused into sweet and warm Israeli Pomegranate Seed Oil CO2 and Israeli Olive Oil The aroma is a divine tenacious scent, warm and sweet with a slight hint of soft green woodsy aroma. Known by Native American tribes as Balsam of Gilead.

Our method of harvest is to use only what is pruned and what naturally falls to the ground. Everything is fresh and used immediately and what we do not use right away we freeze to be used at a later date. Poplar buds are best used fresh, live for medicines. If not fresh, then frozen and thawed. Dried buds will always be rotten, black, and crumbly inside from fungal decay. DO NOT EVER USE DRIED BUDS FOR MEDICINES.

Made from fresh Buds, branches, and leaves of the famous NW-grown Poplar trees (Populus Gileadous, Populus Balsamfera) that grow in Pacific NW Oregon and Washington, USA. We repeat the process 5 to 7 times until we have a very concentrated oil.

Excellent for making balms. salves, lotions. Used for aches, pains, anxiety, stress, and bug bites, scratches, small cuts, wound cleaning, burns, inflammation relief because acts as aspirin because of the natural salicin compound found in Poplar buds and bark. Not to be used by anyone with a coagulation issue such as Hemophilia and VWD who are taking factor replacement medications or by anyone who is taking blood thinner medications.

Summary of Benefits:
Warming, uplifting, pain relief, headache relief, wound care, stress relief, burn care, soothing to dry and itchy skin. Poplar buds contain natural salicin. So use them with caution if you’re allergic to Aspirin.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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