Original Negev Rose Abs High quality Essential Oil- Israel MIRON VIOLETGLASS BOTTLE


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Negev Rose Abs-Organic 5ml-VERY RARE
ורד אבסולוט

Rosa centifolia





נוגד דיכאון, מרגיע, אפרודיזיאק, מעודד התחדשות העור.

Aroma: Voluptuous, sweet, smooth, with distinct yet subtle honey and green notes and the soft, delicate sweetness of a fresh bouquet of Roses. Excellent tenacity!

Appearance: Dark orange or light to medium yellowish-green, transparent, slightly viscous liquid.

The true and authentic PURE Oil of Rose is extremely rare and valuable. Organic Roses. Undiluted and unadulterated! This is a natural absolute/solvent extracted oil.

An extremely old root system rose bush that grows in the Negev Desert. Locals say these roses root system may be over 2000 yrs old. These roses come in two colors a rich violet red and softer yet deep pink that grown side by side and is exactly the same species. It is also known as the Egyptian cabbage rose. It is native to both Israel and Egypt and both have always shared native plant life. Supply is limited-Very Rare

This very old and rare Rose bushes that have been cultivated and grown in the desert of the Negev. Amazing and rare. Beautiful Pure Essential oil from this rose is sweet in smell and robust. The roses that grow within this hot area of Israel is regarded as a miracle. It has also been known as symbols of the courageous spirit of Israeli people.

The roses stand for their innovation, perseverance, and diligence. It also stands for their strong will to get on with life despite challenges. Since these roses are upheld as such, they are constantly used during primary and minor Jewish holidays.

Romanic and uplifting. Stress and Anxiety, Menopausal Symptoms, Menstrual Cramps, and bleeding in small wounds. ****


Niko Aug 24, 2018

5 out of 5 stars *****    

Honestly immaculate. Rose is my favorite aroma, with Rosa x Centifolia being my favorite variety of rose; I’ve bought many organic extracts and absolutes of my precious Rose de Mai, but this absolutely blew them all completely out of the water with its sheer beauty! It has a sweet, honey-like aroma on top of the traditional ‘rose’ you’d expect, but also a somewhat ‘higher’ note about it than my Rose Damascena oils. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this to any fans of rose, looking for a slightly pricier than your average $10 bottle of EO, but which will prove to be 150% worth it. Rivka is a blessing to communicate with too– cannot commend this store highly enough ❤ ❤


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