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Blue Lilly Pilly/ Riberry Maceration Essential Oil 15ml (Syzygium oleosum) Herbal Infused EXTREMELY RARE!


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Lilly Pilly Riberry Maceration Oil

Herbal Infusion


Known as Australian Lilly Pilly or Riberry,

Syzygium oleosum


Made from Sustainably Sourced Australian Dried Lilly Pilly Berries and Leaves

Lilly Pilly Powder (made from crushed and grounded dried leaves and fruit) is placed into Coconut Oil (FCO), together warmed in placed on the window sill for 24 hrs then cold extracted for 30 days in a cool, dark, and dry place occasionally shaken.

This rare infused oil smells like citrus, mango fruity aroma with fresh soft myrtle-like green clove notes. The color is rich dark green amber to dark yellow.

Commonly known as the Blue Myrtle, Riberry, or Blue Lilly Pilly, is a species of ”Syzygium” tree native to eastern Australian rainforests and wet sclerophyll forests. The leaves are simple, and lanceolate to ovate shape, with a dark glossy upper surface and paler underside surface.

Benefits: Calms nerves, and anxiety, strengthens the blood vessels, may lower blood sugar, and calms digestive issues. Perfect for DIY lotions, creams, salves, and massage oil. Add a few drops in a sonic diffuser or foot bath, shower body wash, or bath.


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