Israel’s Herb Select Oil Blend Self Healing Formula. 15ml comes with dropper top- Made with Israeli grown Fennel Seed, Catus Flower (Prickly Pear), Oregano Dayi, Dandelions flowers, Carob , and Zuta Lavana (White Leaved SavoryHyssop)



Israel Herb Select

Israel’s Herb Select of Self Healing Herbal Formula

15ml-Dropper top

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*Use: 1 to 4 drops by mouth 3x times a day.*

The selected ingredients are inspired by the dry desert air and natural springs of the Ein Gedi oasis, this distinctive herbal oil blend brings together a naturally sweet blend.

A blend of fennel seed, cactus flower, dandelion, sage, oregano, zutah, and carob infused with organic coconut oil, organic vegetable glycerine and Organic Virgin cold-pressed Israel’s best olive oil.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no essential oils in this blend. This is made from raw plant materials macerated/ Infused into Olive Oil

Perfect for digestive issues, skin issue, pain relief or just a pick me up for energy. Help lower blood sugars and is a natural immune booster. The Rambam suggested this combination may prevent viruses and germ from invading the body’s systems.

Verses of inspiration: Exodus 28:8, Numbers 9:11, and 2Kings 4:39

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