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Israeli Pomegranate -CO2 Extract Oil 1/2 oz (15ml) Seeds, Blossoms, and Peel



Pomegranate Organic 1/2 oz (15ml) Punica Grantum
Cobalt blue bottle with Dropper

Source: Seeds, Blossoms, and Peel

Punica granatum


Three sources of pomegranate in one blend. Seed extract, Essential oil extracted from Blossoms and peels all CO2 Extraction blended together into one great oil. Great for skin dryness, blemishes and acne. Calming and warm in smell.

Ancient Texts
Ex 28:34, Ex 39:26, 1Sa 14:2, So 4:3, So 6:7, So 8:2, Joe 1:12, Hag 2:19

Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and nourishing oil for dry and flaky skin. Be sure to dilute this oil with a carrier oil before applying.


This oil has been put under pressure (about 33ºC) until it turns to liquid. The liquid CO2 acts as a solvent, which almost immediately extracts oils from the botanicals. After the right amount of time, the pressure is released and the CO2 becomes gas once again. What is left behind is the oil.

What makes CO2 extracts ideal is that there is no trace of the solvent, as is sometimes found in absolutes, and no part of the flower is damaged, as often happens in essential oils. Plus, it is closest in aroma to the natural herb. Because of this, it is the most expensive type of oil you can use for making soap or any other cosmetic product!.

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