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Hyssop Leaf (אזוב-Ayzov) 1oz

Botanical Name: Hyssopus officinalis

Origin: ISRAEL

Common Names: Holy Herb

Hyssop herb, which is also known as Holy herb, Hastipippili, Hisopo, and Hyssopus officinalis. Its has diaphoretic as well as nervine properties.


2oz Whole Herb in a sealed bag (cut and sifted stems, leaf, and flowers)

Suggested Use

Raw herbs do not contain dosage recommendations. We recommend you consult your own herbalist or healthcare provider.

Common uses:

Tea, foot bath, tincture, and incense


Hyssop Whole Herb (Hyssopus officinalis) From stems, leaf, and flowers

Kosher and Organic Certified

A cup of hyssop tea may be a way to improve your digestion. This herbal infusion may be useful in case of indigestion, heartburn, or just digestive trouble due to a nervous condition. It is said to help soothe and improve and cleanse the lining of the stomach.

A nice warm footbath with hyssop is said to draw out toxins from the body. Speaking from personal experience have used hyssop with many flowers mixed into a full bath. Made into a tincture may help with digestion. Ancient Israelites, Egyptians, and Romans would soak it in wine, then strained and used it as a tincture.

Hyssop has been used in herbal medicine for the treatment of sore throats, colds, hoarseness, and as an expectorant. Hyssop may have beneficial effects for asthma, urinary tract inflammation, and appetite stimulation.

Burning as incense may clear and cleanse the air. Using it before Passover Seder Meal in incense along with Frankincense resin is a favorite because these two were used in the Holy Temple service at Passover.

Hyssop is mentioned several times in the Tanach (Bible). The best-known of these references is David’s prayer in Psalm 51:7: “Cleanse me with Hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.”

In the Middle Ages, Hyssop was recognized as a peerless strewing herb. The presence of Hyssop was thought to repel the black plague and bring purity to the home. This idea came from scriptural sources when G-d commands his people to purify the Holy Temple using Hyssop in the Bible. It was used as a brush made from Hyssop that the Jewish People (Hebrews-Israelites) marked their doors to protect themselves from the Angel of Death at Passover.


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