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Honey Absolute Oil From Israel blended in Golden Israel produced Jojoba oil


Dark amber, semi-solid, paste-like mass that must be slowly heated to become pourable; see special use instructions to blend. Soluble in perfumer’s alcohol or a  fixed vegetable (carrier) oils. It is the same Honey abs that is in our Pomegranate salve.


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Honey Absolute blended with Jojoba Oil
5ml Blue Cobalt Bottle
Apis melliferra     
From Gadash Ora Israel
Harvested from Honeycomb /Beeswax
Proprietary Solvent Extraction Method
Deep Yellow Orange Amber

Honey Absolute is expensive to produce and is much more complex to work with. Soluble in perfumer’s alcohol or a  fixed vegetable (carrier) oils. This is the same Honey abs which are in our Pomegranate salve, Fruits and Honey blend, and Shana Tova blend.

We have only a very small batch of this oil. It is privately harvested and produced in Gadash Ora Israel. Deliciously sugar-sweet, rich, warm, fine honey and pollen notes, a smooth green, hay-like body note, and a mild, waxy undertone. Dark amber, the semi-solid, paste-like mass that must be slowly heated to become pourable; thus the reason we blended it for you in Golden Israeli Jojoba oil.

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