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This 100% Hemp Cords ( tzitzit) set, Completely natural! Each set contains 4 shamash fringes (cords) that is blue (tekelet) and 12 regular white fringes (cords).

This high quality (1mm) 8-strand pure hemp is North America and carefully inspected for impurities as it is spun. Checked by the Philadelphia Shatnez Lab and Hollywood, CA Lab. These tzitzits have the quality of heredit Jerusalem kosher.
Very Popular favorite fringes in the Negev and Nachloat Communities of Israel to go with their natural hemp, cotton, and linen tallis or katan garments.

Please note: Extraction of the dye and the dyeing itself are natural processes done by hand. As a result there may be some variations in shade than pictures shown.Also dying of linen, hemp, and wool do drink the dye differently from one another.

Fringes are pre-shrunk; however, if exposed to moisture and high heat, additional shrinkage may occur. Hand wash in cold water with gentle liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly. Hang to dry. Low iron if needed.

To prevent bal tosif see proper care
instructions on package.
PLEASE NOTE;All our ;tzitzt sets do not come pre-tied because it’s considered preferable to do a mitzvah yourself and because it teaches you about the mechanics behind the tzitzit and heightens your awareness of the tzitzit, which are really the essence of the mitzvah of wearing a tallit. After all, the tzitzit are really the raison d’tre of the tallit and tallit katan

This set of tzit tzit was made with highest kavannah and hiddur mitzvah.
ספינות מי ריבקה שרי ®

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