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Israeli Hemp Seed Oil From ISRAEL 1oz bottle with euro dropper Organic Cold-Pressed / Unrefined


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Organic Cold-Pressed / Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil/ISRAEL 1oz bottle with dropper

This item is also safe for consumption/edible Hemp seed oil has a reputation as a versatile substance that is …


Israeli Hemp Seed Oil

Organic Cold-Pressed / Unrefined 

Cannabis sativa

ISRAEL 1oz bottle with euro dropper

Made with Cold Pressed Seeds that create a beautiful dark green oil and then we gathered the leaves of the Organic Industrial Hemp Plant that produces the Hemp Seeds for our cold-pressed oil and dry those leaves, then soaked the harvested dried leaves in the Hemp Seed oil for 30 days. This process gives our Hemp seed oil a deep full-spectrum richness in taste that no other Hemp Seed Oil gives.

This item is also safe for consumption/edible Hemp seed oil has a reputation as a versatile substance that is beneficial to us due to its Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio and its content of essential fatty acids. Hemp seed oil is 80% essential fatty acid, the highest amount of any other plant.

And because hemp seed oil so closely matches our own skin lipids, it is able to penetrate our cells and lubricate the surfaces between them. Hemp seed oil is used in cosmetics which takes care of skin lesions and blotches that may occur as a result of excessively dry skin.

Since it won’t clog your pores like many other oils, you can safely use hemp seed oil to moisturize your skin and do so without any greasy buildup. Hemp seed oil is also a natural sunblock, which helps people who use it to avoid diseases related to over-exposure to the sun’s more harmful rays. Ingredients: Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil (Pure)

The leaves give an additional richness in flavor and aroma and the healing properties are elevated to a deeper level. The seeds and leaves work so well together and we are using the whole Hemp Seed plant without waste. What leaves we do not use we create a maceration and put it into lotions and balms.

The argument has been made that the reference to herbs in Isaiah 18:4–5 concerns the cannabis plant, but it simply does not use a designation that defines the term as hemp. It is true that as early as 5000 BC what was called a “joy plant,” possibly cannabis, was indulged in to induce sleep and relation for someone who is stressed or suffers from severe trauma.

Whether used in Israel, it is well known that drugs from plants were tied both to medical applications and possibly worship services, including Calamus being in The Holy Anointing Oil mentioned in Exodus 30. We do know it was not in the Incense ingredients of the Ketoret Incense that burned in the Holy Temple. many Bible scholars get the Holy Anointing oil and The Holy Ketoret Incense mixed up as one and the same when they are not. The texts are clear on the difference and the different uses in the Temple. Galen, the ancient doctor, for example, speaks at length of medical applications of intoxicating drugs (see also medical texts such as Celsus, De medicina Prooemium 1.37).

The argument is that the Kaneh-bosem of Exodus 30:22–29 is, in fact, a reference to cannabis, and that the common view that it should be translated “sweet calamus” is in fact a mistranslation. The Hebrew Kenêh-ḇōśem in Exodus 30 is Kaneh refers to a “stalk of grain” ie possibly hemp seeds and bosem refers to “sweet or sticky flowers or rootst”. Even though the words demonstrate that the etymology of the word traced back to the Hebrew Kenêh-ḇōśem was cannabis, there is very little evidence on exactly how it was used other than used in the Holy Anointing Oil. It certainly was not smoked or ingested only applied as an oil for healing for sure.

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