Temple Incense Pocket Jar

1.5 oz Jar of Blended non grounded incense ingredients Comes with a sample 2ml bottle of our Ketoret Essential Oil Blend and Ketoret Pitum prayer card.



The Temple Institute has researched the source of the incense components for many years and has now reached the conclusion as to what those 11 components are.

The glass jar contains a mixture of these incense components (NOT GROUNDED together) and is ideal for use during prayer, or meditation. It  makes a perfect besamim for the weekly havdalah (conclusion of the Sabbath) ceremony.

Ingredients are balsam resin, cloves, galbanum, cassia, frankincense resin, myrrh resin, spikenard (nard -interpreted as lavender), saffron, costus, cinnamon leaf and bark


Please Note: It is forbidden to reproduce the sacred Temple GROUNDED  incense  (NOT OILS) according to the precise instructions received by Moses and handed down by our sages for use outside of the Holy Temple. All Temple Institute’s incense products are created with care not to violate this sacred principle of Torah and can be enjoyed for personal use. This does not include essential oils for healing which is permitted by Halacha and Jewish law.



Shemin Ketoret Blend of eleven PURE ESSENTIAL OILS Measured to specification as described in the Torah/ Bible of Exodus/ Shemot

Biblical Ketoret – Traditional and historical incense for Holy Temple in form of essential oil which was approved by Rabbi Menachem Burstein, an authority on Temple-period botany and chemistry who runs the Shlomo College of Temple studies (and a Jerusalem infertility clinic), agreed: The ban need not apply, if the ingredients are steamed to extract their Essential Oils, rather than ground into a powder as a prohibited spice.

The Eleven Temple Organic Pure organic essential oils blended together. 5ml

Balsam Resin, Cassia, Cinnamon leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Cistus, Frankincense Resin, Galbanum, Myrrh, Onycha (Clove), Saffron, Spikenard Resin

Perfect for Havdallah, and a Segulah (Protection) for the home. Jewish Sages and Rabbis have taught that the experience of these Holy fragrances helps to speed up the rebuilding of the Bet HaMikdash (Third HolyTemple).

Purifies the air, has many medicinal uses and anointing living and work space which are all for the purpose of healing and creating holy space in your home.



This prayer is for blessing of Parnassa (livelihood) and protection; Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai urges the people of Israel to read carefully the section of prayers describing the compound of the incense twice in the morning and once in the afternoon, assuring them that if they do, they will be protected from every source of evil and will not come to harm in that entire day. This can be found in the Torah exodus 30, Exodus 25, and Numbers 8.

Given the benefits of reading the incense prayer Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, the Arizal enlarged the Biblical and Talmudic sections describing the compound of the incense by adding several texts. Among these are the description of the Temple menora-candelabra, which is repeated seven times, and the Torah section describing how Moshe and Aaron stopped the plague, which is repeated three times, psalm no. 91, which is repeated seven times, as well as other psalms and verses. Presented according to the teachings of the Inner Torah, these holy texts are read in the way that most benefits one suffering illness:

The Arizal’s wisdom becomes evident as you see the combination of verses, some of which are said first in the regular order of their words and afterward the same words are said backward, while some of the letters are highlighted to enable the initiate to realize that there are Divine Names concealed within the letters of certain verses. If you read Hebrew, print the adjoining text of this prayer and follow it with your eyes while you are listening to its reading.


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