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Genesis Shemen®™ בראשית Bereshith High Quality Essential Oil Blend Chose 5ml or 10ml From Holy Land ISRAEL


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Genesis Shemen®™ בראשית

High-Quality Essential Oil Blend

Bereshith Torah / Bible Blend

Chose 5ml or 10ml Size

From The Holy Land of Israel

Much like our Ketoret and Exodus Shemen Blends but with a feel of walking through the Garden of Eden Flora. This one is a Heaven’s gate opening oil for powerful breakthroughs and overcoming negative energy and physical and spiritual adversaries. Prayer & Activation for Praying for the Sick to bring refua (healing). Confirming Change in life and anointing a call to make change within.

Protective and releasing for powerful physical manifestations of bringing down G-d’s Holy Spiritual means of his Ruach to bring forth great change, bring renewal of mindset, and gather strength. If you need to bring better health, a positive mindset, and feel the serenity of His love and strength to overcome this is the anointing blend we recommend. 

Made with Ingredients of the Holy Land and the Bible Torah. The Garden of Eden was filled with Beautiful Flowers of Rosa Roses, Cistus Roses, Jasmine Roses, Nard Lavender, Spikenard Flowers, Henna Flowers, and Gardenia Rose.

Original fruits like Mandarin, Pomelo, and Etrog Citron. Beautiful Pomegranate,  majestic heartwood oils of Cedar of Lebanon, Sandalwood, Jerusalem Pine, with tree resins of Sweet Myrrh, Frankincense Sacra, Scarlet Tree, and Balm of Gilead. All are blended with  Olive Oil from the Shilo Region of the Holy Land. Proprietary Blend so all ingredients will not be listed on the product bottle.

Recommended use for prayer, meditation, and study time time, a few drops in a bath for relaxation, a water diffuser for deep inhalation, one drop to locket diffuser, and A few drops of oil to 2 oz of your favorite hydrosol or witch hazel hydrosol to purify the air.

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