Aytz Chayim -Frequency Fragrance Testing ® Kit -Learn about your health status. Get your personal blend according to your frequency.



Included with this kit we will blend your result together in a 15ml  that you chose at checkout. With your Frequency blend we ship you also directions how to use your blend. You will receive a free consultation.

Test Includes:

*12 to 15 drams bottles (each kit will vary) of  Quality Essential oils size 5/8-2ml each

(dram bottles and tops may vary in colors but not in size each kit consist of 12 to 15 drams)

*3 test sheets

*1 sheet of blank oil labels that you can label and stick on each dram.

(During consultation I will reveal to your score is what oil.)

*15ml Carrier oil of Israeli Fractionated Coconut Oil

*Empty 10ml Roller bottle to make a blend on the go

*Comes with a Linen burlap bag (colors may vary)

*Free follow up consultation call with your results

In this Tree of life Frequency Testing ®  kit is 12 to 15 essential oils that you can purchase test and fill out the sheet of what you like or dislike by following directions. This kit uses simple ratings from 1-10 with comment sections. Each oil drams have a number on the bottle and you place your rating on the sheet next to that matching number. You are not going to know the name of the oil you are smelling. This test strictly relies on your sense of smell. To get your result either postage mail or email me your completed test sheet The kit will come with a self addressed envelope to mail results and you must include a follow up phone number so that I can reach you for a consultation to discuss your results.

This is a clinical aromatherapy proven method by Rivka Sari to help understand your health status and learn how to bring back the balance by learning how to use your frequency testing blend. In the consultation we also discuss nutrition and lifestyle changes as well. The consultation is free.

This testing research method by Rivka Sari  is based on the proven methods and teachings of  the world’s best known Master Aroma-therapist Avraham Sand of Israeli author of the book “Mystical Aromatherapy” and Master Aroma-therapist and Holistic teacher  Patricia Davis author of the book  “Aromatherapy A-Z” and founder of the London Holistic School of Aromatherapy and the research of Professor Tim Jacob, head of the smell research laboratory at Cardiff University.

Included with this kit we will blend your result together in a  15ml that you chose at checkout. This Frequency blend bottle will be ship you with directions how to use your blend.

*PLEASE NOTE: You must do the test and send me (Rivka) back the results before I can send you, your 15ml  frequency blend. Each test is assigned a number and that numbered test must be done within a year from purchased date. If the results of your test are not emailed or mailed back to me within that year then the test will be automatically archived and I will assume you changed your mind on taking the test.

Avraham Sand Says “There is a very deep connection between the Temple Incense and Fragrance Testing. The Temple Incense is the Fragrance of the Garden of Eden, the Fragrance of the Messiah, of the World to Come, and the Scent that we all hope to attain by being in perfect health.

The skeleton key that works for every Soul, the Temple Incense caused almost everyone in the Jerusalem area during Temple days to reach the level of Prophecy. On the deepest level, this teaches us the key importance of Fragrance Testing. This is mostly a hidden secret in the world of professional Aromatherapy today.”





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