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Frankincense Boswella Frereana 5ml Rare Holy Land Charged Resin and Artisan Distilled



Boswellia frereana
Origin: Somaliland
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation in Israel
Cultivation/Harvesting: Wild-harvested
Plant Part: Gum Resin
Color: Pale to golden yellow
Consistency: Thin

RIVKA’S FAVORITE PICK of Frankincense Species

Israeli Artisan distilled- From Holy Land Charged Resin

Perfumery Note: Base to middle
Odor: Sharp balsamic, woodsy cedarwood, lemony-citrus, very sweet resinous
Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium

Boswellia Frereana is known as “Maydi,” the king of all frankincense. This oil should smell like it’s resin, but very strong. Its aroma is very different from any other Frankincense essential oil.

We only acquire our resins from sustainable, fair trade organic wild-harvested resources that are shipped to Israel. The heavy fragrant resins are then placed in an Israeli-made clay jar in Israel for 18 days in a dry, cool place to absorb the energy of the Holy Land and it is then is artisan distilled by the traditional method in Israel. This process is what we call “Holy Land Charged” essential oil.

Blends well with citrus oils such as grapefruit oil and bergamot oil; spice oils such as basil oil and black pepper oil; also, neroli oil, sandalwood oil, galbanum oil, and geranium oil.

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