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This concentrated Hemp ROOT salve is 2oz. of the healing in Triple-strength. We use selected Organic ingredients along with Frankincense Boswellic Acid powder from resin for their healing and antiseptic qualities. We whip these ingredients into an amazing hemp butter salve

Ingredients:  Hemp Root powder (no CBD or THC), Boswellic Acid Resin Powder. Comfrey oil, Burdock oil, Lavender oil, Lobelia oil, Hyssop oil, Myrrh resin oil, Sage oil,  Bay leaf oil, Organic Bees Wax,  Whipped Raw Shea Butter Fairtrade, Infused with Olive oil, and Hemp Seed Oil. There is Essential oil in this salve and there is no THC

Key Ingredient is Hemp Root dried or roasted and ground it forms a powder that can be rendered into salves, Hemp Root has been proven to be successful in reducing swelling and easing pain. Now recent studies have shown that components in the root have been successful at killing staph infection. The Deep Healing Hemp Root Boswellic Acid Resin powder Body Butter is 100% organic soy-free treatment for; bruising, sore muscles, skin irritations, burns, scrapes, and cuts. A touch of honey enhances this cream as a double antiseptic, preventing infection, promoting tissue growth, rejuvenating the circulation and easing swelling.

 Key Ingredient Frankincense b.seratta Boswellic Acid Powder. Boswellia serrata is most well known for its anti-inflammatory properties which may help relieve minor inflammation. It also helps with memory and mental focus and may help relieve anxiety and support a healthy mood. Boswellia supports the digestive system, promotes joint health, and helps fortify the immune system. It may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and benefit the heart. It may also help relieve minor headache pain. 

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Supports healthy joints
  • Promotes mental focus
  • Supports healthy mood
  • Fortifies the immune system
  • May help relieve minor headache pain
  • Supports heart health
  • Contributes to digestive health
  • Benefits overall health & well-being

The Italian herbalist, Andreas Matthioli, wrote in the Old German Neuw Krëuterbuch (ca. 1550) that poultices made from the water-soaked hemp roots were effective against gout and arthritis, as well as ulcers of the soft tissues. In 1564, Tabernaemontanus, another Italian herbalist, made similar notes.

In Europe, Culpeper’s Complete Herbal of 1653 described hemp root as being ‘a good remedy for a dry cough’, and also reported it to be effective against jaundice, colic, heavy bleeding, wasting of the tendons and various other complaints. He also mentions the use of the fresh hemp root-juice to treat burns.

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