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Frangipani Plumeria Abs/ Enfleurage Essential Oil
2ml size poured into a 5ml bottle

Plumeria rubra
Israel/ Egypt
Natural Solvent Extracted Enfleurage Process

This Floral Beauty grows in Beit Shemesh and on the borders of Israel and Egypt as well from the Galilee area of Israel and was made into absolute oil using a natural process of enfleurage by Hodaya and Golan Weiss on Rimon Farm.

The production of this oil is small and is a very costly process. This rare oil because this oil is so overpowering in its concentrated form we suggest using small amounts of it. This is so relaxing and lovely.

The white flowers do have a slightly different aroma (IMHO) from the red and pink flowers so we gathered a combination of flowers white, red, and tricolor. Common on the market you will find it made in India from red flowers.

We place these fragrant flowers into a combination of fat oils like pure local date palm oil and coconut oil are used to absorb the aromatic oils of both large and small molecules from the flower petals which are done over a long period of time. This process is not perfect but oh so lovely and it can take up to a year or more to produce small amounts.

Once the palm oil is completely saturated with the essence aroma of the delicate flower then the majority of the palm oil is separated from the Frangipani flower oil by organic cane sugar alcohol  vacuum extraction  to let the beautiful Frangipani flower aroma oil come through. This is technically an absolute essential oil. 

Botanically Frangipani is classified into the following four forms: Plumeria rubra forma acutifolia, Plumeria Rubra forma lutea, Plumeria Rubra forma Rubra, and Plumeria rubra forma tricolor.
This is like wearing a very expensive perfume but all-natural. Frangipani is almost exclusively used in the high-end designer perfume industry due to its unique aroma that is captivating, alluring, and sensuously euphoric possessing reputed aphrodisiac qualities. Also excellent for inflammation, aging dry skin, and pain reducer.

The rarest varieties are from Egypt, Israel, the Middle East, and Mexico. All three varieties of flowers grown in the soil of Israel makes this even rarer to own. Supply is limited

Frangipani, Red Frangipani, Common Frangipani, Jasmine Mango, Pagoda Tree, Red Nosegay Tree, and, West Indian Jasmine. The growing season in Israel and Egypt can be season starts late Feb to early October. Flowers Colour Red, Pink, White, and Yellow.

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