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Erev Shoshanim Essential Oil Blend ®™ 5ml Perfect for Engagement / Wedding/ Renewel of Vows/ Henna Ceremony



Erev Shoshanim ®™ Essential Oil Blend


Pure Essential oils of Rose Demask, Rose Otto, Negev Rose, Sandalwood Mysore, Lemon Myrtle. Henna, Cedar of Lebanon, Neroli Blossoms, Frankincense B. Caterri Heart Note and Myrrh blended in Pomegranate Seed CO2

Benefit: Relaxing sense of peace, warming, mood enhancing, spiritually refreshing and elevating prayer.

Not only was an essential oil blend was made for our wedding in 2002 I also created a blend for our engagement/ henna ceremony. We added a few drops to our garments, our engagement contract Tnai’m, and each person received a pouch filled with roses that was sprinkled with this blend and every musical drum was anointed with our blend.

We also created our Henna paste sprinkled with this blend. We had beautiful roses on our table that also a drop to each flowers around the array of delicious desserts and pastries. Guests dance with baskets and candles to celebrate the couple.

Henna My beloved is to me a cluster of henna blooms… Song of Solomon 1:13-14

The Hebrew word for Camphire (Henna) means a ransom with its root word meaning “to forgive.” In the Middle East, a bride applies the spice of henna as a paste to her hands and feet sometimes elaborate designs before her wedding. If it is the night before the henna is applied after entering the mikvah purification ritual. This plant leaves yields a red stain which is a symbol and a signature that the price has been paid to the Groom’s family and entered in an agreement that their daughter who also agreed will marry the groom and that she is ready, who has prepared herself to live her life as his Aishet Chayil wife. (Proverbs 31:10-31)

The same title of our Ketubah for our wedding Erev Shoshanim in Hebrew means “Evening of Roses”. Inspired by Biblical texts. A beautiful ancient love song was composed of these beautiful texts. The same song was sung at our wedding as I circled my soon-to-be husband seven times under the wedding canopy.



The Lyrics of Erev Shoshanim

Written and Sung by Artist Haparvarim (Israel 1967)

Lyricist: M. Dor Lyricist: Y. Hadar Composer: M. Dor Composer: Y. Hadar

(Based on verses from the book of “Song of Solomon” or “Song of Songs”)

Listen to song here


Evening of Roses

Let’s go out to the Garden/ Grove

Myrrh, Perfumes and Incense of Frankincense

Are a threshold at you feet (Repeat 2x)


The Night falls slowly

A Ruach (breeze) of Roses blows

Let me whisper a song to you quietly

A song of Love  (Repeat 2x)


At dawn a Dove is cooing

Your hair is filled with dew

You lips to the morning are like a Rose

I will pick it for myself


The night falls slowly

A Ruach (breeze) of Roses blows

Let me whisper a song to you quietly

A song of Love

A song of Love

A song of Love

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