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Egyptian Blue Lotus Melange High-Quality Essential Oil 5ml Blended with Israeli Jojobal Oil


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Egyptian Blue Lotus Melange High-Quality Essential Oil


Job 40:21 Under the lotus plants he lies, hidden among the reeds in the marsh.

Excellent Tenacity essential oil blended with Israeli Jojoba Oil. This extraction is a melody special blend of essential oils and natural isolates from steam distillation and Absolute flower oils. Yup there is Lotus in there.

Beautiful Melange can be used exactly like essential oils since they are made of combinations of essential oil parts. When inhaled or properly diluted may be applied to energy centers and pulse areas to experience a lovely aromatic sensation that is very uplifting and 

Color is light amber to deep orange amber in color. Be careful much like any floral absolute this one can stain your clothes. Perfect to add color and aroma to your DIY lotions and creams. Simply put this is gorgeous oil.

This is an essential oil that consists of numerous aromatic molecules which can be isolated by fractional distillation with added floral absolute. These isolates or fractions from different essential oils and absolutes can then be recombined to create a blend, or “melange”.

The producer of this magnificent  Blue Lotus melange keeps it a secret which essential oils and floral absolutes are used so it is a proprietary blend of the Artisan’s secret formula.

Created by Isaya Rashid who lives in both Egypt and Israel. She has dual citizenship. A skilled perfumery artist and has a in Chemistry from Hebrew University. She understands natural perfumery and has been creating her own line of Ancient inspired perfumes based on both the Bible and the Koran paired with historical records of both Mid-East Jewish and Egyptian civilizations. She teaches classes both in Israel and Egypt in the Art of making  natural perfumes and amazing beautiful skincare products

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