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Colorado Blue Spruce 50ml Hydrosol -Picea pungens OW USA אשוחית הכחולה Artisan Distilled



Colorado Blue Spruce 5ml
Picea pungens
אשוחית הכחולה

Comes Packaged in Clear, Amber, or Blue Glass Spray Bottle

Israeli Artisan Distilled

This remarkable Hydrosol contains high percentages of alpha-pinene and limonene and has a pleasing and relaxing evergreen aroma. This spruce is one of the least common naturally occurring trees in the United States, yet it is a tree almost everyone recognizes. Blue Spruce is one of the most familiar trees in Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, and in fact, in the northern United States and Southern Canada.

The fresh-cut young branches of Blue Spruce used for this distillation come from the property of Hannah Garrett who lives on the Western Slopes of beautiful Telluride Colorado where she is currently running her own business since 2015. She is a skilled Horticulturist with an extensive 15+ years of experience in landscaping and design.  

Colorado Blue Spruce essential oil and hydrosol are of high-frequency right up there with Rose. This is a great product to help men be more active in their sex life by balancing testosterone levels naturally. Women and men both find both hydrosol and essential oil that is calming and grounding. It helps with relieving muscle aches and pains. Also, clearing and purifying during the winter season.

Benefits: Reduce muscle pain, reduce nerve pain, curb appetite as a tummy rub,
high in d-limonene, natural antiviral and antibacterial properties, releasing emotional blocks, and balancing the body systems

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