Cinnamon Bark Pure Essential Oil 5ml *(Shortage Alert)


Organic 5 ml
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
From Bark
Sri Lanka


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Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
Organic 5 ml
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
From Bark
Sri Lanka

*One bottle per customer* Please use wisely.

Cinnamon the Hebrew word is “Kinnamon”, the Cinnamomum zeylanicum of botanists, a tree of the Laurel family, which grows only in India on the Malabar coast, in Ceylon, and China, and today in some parts of Israel such as the Balm of Gilead farm. Guy Erlich says Israel was one of the world’s leading countries that produced cinnamon over 2000 years ago. Because of the Ketoret Holy Temple incense, it was a most valued crop along with the Frankincense sacra tree, Myrrh, and the Balm of Gilead.

There is no trace of it was ever grown in Egypt, and it was virtually unknown in Syria. The Pharaohs of ancient civilization would have had it imported from India, Asia, and later Israel. Much of what was found in the Egyptian archeology digs was mostly Cinnamon Leaf which was most likely from Asia and India. 

The inner rind when dried and rolled into cylinders forms the cinnamon of commerce. The fruit and coarser pieces of bark when distilled yield a strong aromatic oil. It was one of the principal ingredients in the holy anointing oil ( Exodus 30:23 ). It is mentioned elsewhere only in Proverbs 7:17; Song of Songs. 4:14; among many verses. The mention of it indicates very early on there was extensive commerce carried on between Israel and the countries that surrounded her.

Biblical Texts:
Song of Solomon 4:14 Nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon,
With all the trees of frankincense, Myrrh, and aloes, along with all the finest spices.

Proverbs 7:17
“I have sprinkled my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.

Exodus 30:23“Take also for yourself the finest of spices: of flowing myrrh five hundred shekels, and of fragrant cinnamon half as much, two hundred and fifty, and of fragrant cane two hundred and fifty,

Calming, anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-fungal; elevate essential oil blends, uplift mood, Enhances mind awareness, feel secure, stimulating, and warming.****

Cinnamon Bark is in high demand right now. Due to shortage, it has been hard to get pure Cinnamon Bark. Many companies are selling Cinnamon Leaf as cinnamon bark or mixing what stock they have of the bark with cinnamon leaf. The shortage slowly started taking place in 2009. Ten years later global pandemic has impacted all industries across the globe, the Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil market being no exception.

For us, this is a key ingredient in many of our blends such as Ketoret, Shomer guardian, Pumpkin Spice, Sukkot Joy, Levite Shemen, etc. So we are asking customers to use cinnamon bark wisely.

The essential oils, absolutes, and carrier oils we carry. All of our products are consciously distilled by us or sourced from organic distilleries and farms that guarantee purity through gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) testing. This ensures top-quality, unadulterated products suitable for therapeutic use.



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