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Champaca Abs 5ml

Botanical Name Michelia champaca
Origins Himalayan/ India
Part Flower
Extraction Organic Solvent

Plant family: Magnoliaceae

The Unforgettable, sweet, floral scent of Champaca is used in India for perfume and some medicinal uses. Its rich aroma adds depth and complexity to signature perfume blends. Because of the constituent, Linalool Champaca eases inhibitions and stress and transports one to a blissful, relaxed state. Relieves stress and symptoms of depression.It is an exquisite addition to romantic massage oils and is also useful for meditation. 

It is a lovely oil that begins a deeply smooth creamy note with hints of apricot and raspberries, the coolness of melon, and a hint of wild mint, with a floral delicacy that reminds me of neroli mixed with Southern heritage White Magnolia flowers. As it dries down it has notes of hay and green spice citrus and color of Tobacco absolute. It becomes evident this oil can transform into something more thick and herbal, with an undertone of dried fruits. I’ve never smelled another oil that goes through such a huge transformation as Champaca Absolute does.

Major Constituents Analysis: Phenylethyl alcohol, Methyl anthranilate, Benzyl acetate, Linalool

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