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Cedars of Lebanon Hydrosol 15ml Extremely Rare (Cedrus libiani) 2023 Batch



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Cedar of Lebanon Hydrosol

Cedrus libiani   


Extremely Rare       


Artisan Steam Distilled  

Our Hydrosols are always distilled new batch every year. We always sell out!


From Wood and wood chips, needles leaves, buds, and resin distillation. Hydrosol is water from the essential oil Distillation.

Circulatory system, Respiratory clearing; Calming, Strengthening   

 The true Cedar of Lebanon is known as Cedrus libani.  The Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) is a protected tree and there is no essential oil available anywhere except Lebanon in a little apothecary shop and farm in Lebanon. Even that shop has a supply that is very limited and it is extremely costly to ship.

So each year in Israel we gather and buy as much material and trimmings as we can from the tree around Israel to get enough to create this little batch of essential oil. Whatever falls off the tree and onto the ground we would harvest buds, leaves/needles, wood chips, tree limbs, and of course, resin drips that harden and fall to the ground. All materials are distilled in Israel.  We do get permission to take only what is on the ground. We also purchase any clippings and punnings done to the cedar trees so they do not have to haul away the material. Very costly process and expense to obtain this oil and hydrosol.

The smell is sweet, fresh, and camphoraceous, with slight menthol but creamy full-bodied essential oil and hydrosol distillation. It is like smelling a Forest in a bottle. A very distinct aroma.

Biblical Significance

Commonly referred to in Scripture as the cedars of Lebanon, this aromatic, durable wood was highly desirable for building in Iron Age Israel. David used in it building his palace (2 Sam 5:11; 1 Chr 17:1), and Solomon used it in the construction of the temple and a palace for himself (2 Chr 2:3-8). He was said to make the cedar as plentiful in Jerusalem as sycamore-fig trees in the Shephelah (2 Chr 1:15). The second temple was also constructed from cedars (Ezra 3:7).



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